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The mysteries of the Black Lagoon

Forget about the clock and come with me to explore the enigmatic Black Lagoon, According to the legend a bottomless lagoon.

In the heart of the Urbión, Machado sang the legend of a parricide and Gerardo Diego followed the steps, While this lagoon at the foot pine forests is immersed in legend.

The fantasies have it extends to the sea by tortuous arms of superstitions, father Alvargonzález sleeps the rhymes of his murder.


Lagoons Frost and long, the beauty of silence

Many natural spaces find their place in this land of pine forests but also the Black Lagoon, known for his showmanship and his halo of mystery has company. Frost Lake gets its name because the water is so cold that they have locals that it is impossible to be able to take a bath. Will you be the first brave…?

Space Natural La Fuentona and el Sabinar de Calatanador

Very close to our pine forests is a beautiful medieval town with cobbled streets, fireplaces and a Natural Park, old and longevity that you can not miss.

In this special place... sssssh I have a secret: the thicker sabinar in the world is, a winter forest recommended for fans of Ornithology.

Surely, If you're a traveler from city and not a Goblin mountain, as already, you will not know what is a right sabinar? Because here I tell you some details of this special place.

Wanting a dip? The municipal swimming pools are to 4 km